Core skills that make all the difference

Our years of experience provide peace of mind for innovative initiatives.

Knowing what decision-makers really need

Consultants don’t make the decisions, but it helps if they have personal experience of being in a position where decisions have to be made. Consultants who know what responsibility means have a different approach to both market research and “marketing and strategic consulting”: that’s because these consultants know what companies and managers need, what information is really required in which position, and the quality of information needed. Our consultants at Technomarketing have racked up years of practical experience.

Marketing and technology research for industrial goods and B2B: that’s our speciality

Carrying out market research into capital goods, the high-tech sector and innovation markets or conducting feasibility studies for asset or investment projects doesn’t just require a sure footing in the relevant technology and industries; maintaining trusting personal contact and relationships with experts and corporate decision-makers are also a must. This is the only way to access forward-looking information that has a bearing on decisions.

Strategic consulting: offering experience and sound judgement for your date with reality

Strategic consulting is without a doubt the ultimate discipline. Analytical brilliance and creativity are important and good, but experience is also extremely valuable here – even the negative experiences count. The only way we can push our limits or overcome them is if we start by recognising them. This is the only way to make good ideas become a reality.

Projects without the loss of information

Technomarketing is a consulting firm with its own highly competitive market research department. Our speciality is “customer insight” – customers • customer value • decisions. Our strategic consulting and concept development are therefore based on a faithful, unaltered picture of the market situation and no information is lost in our workflow.