We specialise in providing inspiring and reliable decision-making information

Excellent knowledge of customers and the market provides the basis for better decision-making and paves the way for creativity.

At Technomarketing, we supply reliable information and substantive knowledge about customers, markets and technologies. This creates the space for creativity.

Market research with a new twist: insight into business practice
Effective market research is inspirational and provides insight into opportunities, risks and decision-makers’ behaviour. At Technomarketing, our view of marketing is not the same as you would typically find in the B2B sector: the approach we adopt is more comprehensive, prudent, in-depth and precise.

External perspectives: for when it’s time to discover something new
One of the consequences of professional routine is that the obvious tends to become invisible. At Technomarketing, we offer a fresh, external perspective on customers and markets for marketing research.

Global network of analysts: right there, where your customers are and the decisions are being made
At Technomarketing, our global network of analysts are on hand to deal with our clients’ questions and tasks, so analyses and meetings can be carried out face-to-face wherever you are.

Technomarketing analysts: technological and industrial know-how from a creative, corporate perspective
Our analysts at Technomarketing provide the technological expertise and industry knowledge required for marketing research projects, so you and your customers can rest assured that you will be supported by a top-class consulting partner.

Providing objectivity for important decisions – helping you make more confident decisions
Technomarketing supports decision-making processes and reduces market risks, by presenting an unbiased, unaltered picture of your customers and markets.

Professional marketing research means more opportunities and fewer risks
Assessing the market situation means supplying facts and an objective viewpoint, not simply basing actions on assumptions.

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