Methods of acquiring knowledge and ensuring empirical creativity

Qualitative methods: the fine art of maintaining a dialogue with market partners – customer insight

The professional face-to-face meetings we conduct with existing or potential customers on behalf of our clients are the core of our work – and they provide an indispensable tool in the B2B sector when we really need to find out more. The extraordinarily wide range of diverse methods we employ from the field of qualitative market research provides the essential basis we need to make exciting discoveries and illuminating observations.

Quantitative methods: making customers, markets and concepts predictable

Gut feeling is useful and even necessary – but gut feeling alone isn’t enough when the big decisions have to be made. A supplementary factual basis will make projects more successful and less risky. Technomarketing has mastered a highly-evolved range of statistical and experimental methods used in marketing research. 

Experimental market research and simulations instead of real-life experiments

By carrying out experimental market research and simulations, we can answer many of the questions that arise when making decisions before they crop up. This is always going to be cheaper than carrying out costly “real-life experiments”. Experimental market research offers a plethora of approaches that we can adopt in order to ascertain how innovations and exciting ideas will be accepted.

Behavioural economics

Everything is behaviour, and behaviour matters. Every now and again, customers’ current or future behaviour poses big puzzles and questions for us – for example, in pricing, negotiations or innovations and how they are accepted. Behavioural economics and experimental economics can offer answers to these questions in a great deal of cases.

The combination of methods we use provides facts, objectivity and “empirical creativity”, establishing an excellent foundation for making effective decisions.

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