Experience counts: over 30 years of research into high-end customers, markets and competition

Wide range of subjects relating to market research & business intelligence

“Market research” is an extremely broad term used to describe a wide range of tasks. This overview shows the issues our clients currently associate with marketing research. They range from traditional market research, technology market research and competition analyses through to complex feasibility studies.

Exemplary range of services offered and issues addressed

  • Market studies
  • Analyses of new business development and diversification
  • Due diligence service: customers, market, competition and technology
  • Systematic forecasts for innovations and new business projects
  • Technological analyses
  • Customer satisfaction diagnostics
  • Analysis of customers’ behaviour and decision-making processes
  • Strategic foresight and strategy reviews
  • Feasibility studies/risk assessment for projects
  • Investigating market reserves (sales)
  • Deriving product requirements from customers’ needs
  • Investigating price structuring and/or pricing policies
  • Investigating marketing positioning (competitive mapping)
  • Conjoint analysis & choice-based modelling
  • Experimental market research
  • Data mining/business intelligence
  • Market simulations

Irrespective of the issues relating to the case in hand, our focus is always on the customer, the customer’s needs, the decision-making processes, technology and the competition.

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