Consultative Training

The problem: inefficient training projects – consulting projects which are never put into practice

Even where in-house training is concerned, it cannot usually be guaranteed that training will relate to a concrete project in the real world of the company or an immediate task.
The task in consultancy projects is to solve specific problems, employing the relevant tools to do so effectively. The focus here is not on imparting concise background knowledge or discussing the methodology separately.

The solution: to intelligently combine customised knowledge transfer with finding concrete solutions to topical task – opening up a new dimension for companies as they “learn by doing”.

The combination of knowledge transfer and concrete problem-solving activities has three big advantages:

  • More efficient training
  • More effective consultancy projects
  • Mobilisation of the know-how in your company

Unlike tool consulting, where just one “tool” is provided, consultative training generally uses several “tools” in the context of a project in its maturity, providing intensive assistance for both the project itself and the use of these tools.

Consultative training – the classics:

  • Customer value basics: what is customer value?
  • The basics of explorative dialogue with the customer: how can you discover customers’ latent needs and desires?
  • Profitable market segmentation and positioning
  • Value Pricing
  • Marketing for technicians (R&D, production...)


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Consultative training