Tool Consulting: sometimes all you need is the right tool

Extensive consulting isn’t always a must; sometimes first-rate tools and effective training on how to use them is all companies need.

There are tasks you need to execute, and all you’re really looking for is the relevant know-how or specialist tools to do so because you want to see the project through yourself. That’s fine. Technomarketing can equip you with the tools of premium consulting and teach your employees how to use them.

Methods and processes you won’t find on the open market.
One of the interesting things about tool consulting is how a number of efficient and beneficial methods and processes for company practice are developed by the consultants based purely on real-life practical projects.
Although they are used in consultants’ projects, they are rarely didactically provided as a “product”.

The classic elements of our tool consulting services:

  • “Carry out structured analyses – don’t waste time working on the wrong problems”

    Experience in project work has shown that problems are often simply described, so the tasks and communication are also very imprecise as a result.
    There is a very high risk of working inefficiently or targeting the wrong problems under these kinds of conditions, and this is a waste of your time and effort. In our two-day workshops, participants learn how to dissect “problems” and create a clear structure for the tasks at hand.

  • Communicate project knowledge and solutions effectively

    Project communication is a hot topic in business. Although defining tasks and, most importantly, communicating results in a transparent way is a challenge, it can definitely be learned in our workshop.

We’ll get to grips with your specific issues and questions, and equip you with the know-how of top international consulting. Just get in touch.


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