Our corporate mission

To work together with our clients to create value for the customer and ensure companies maintain a consistent focus on their customers and the competition.

Generating customer value and helping companies to stand out from the competition are extremely demanding yet doable tasks. But much of the time this is where the consulting ends, and all that remains are the usual clichés about customer focus and customer value. As we see it, this is actually the point where our real work begins: in discovering the things that are hidden away and waiting to be discovered; in establishing the new.

There is only one long-term alternative: to produce value for the customer

In the long term, there is only one unimpeachable logic to follow in business: you have to serve your customers better than the competition and offer them value on competitive terms. At Technomarketing, we work with our clients to help them achieve this aim.
Research into industrial and technological markets, an unwavering focus on the customer in business strategies and implementing strategies within a customer-centric organisation are the cornerstones of our mission.