Our world of work is simple: customers, customer value, decisions in the market

Highly specialised know-how: navigating the infinite world of customer value

We deal with the world of existing or potential customers on behalf of our clients. We also join forces with experts and the people working for our clients in order to “rediscover” customers.

Using this shared knowledge and understanding of the customer, the task is then to develop strategies with an uncompromising focus on creating customer value; concepts that are concrete, assessable and profitable.

Science and technology

Our work requires a sound understanding of science and engineering know-how: these are things our clients can count on.

After all, when it comes to customer insight projects and strategic consulting, a sound understanding of engineering can only help us understand our clients and the benefits they can offer to their customers.


Focus on industrial goods,
technology and B2B

At Technomarketing, we work with clients and markets in the following fields:

Industrial and capital goods
Equipment and machinery
• Components and products
• Technical consumer goods
High-tech projects
Technical services

More detailed information about our customer segments is available under sectors.