Companies with an effective strategy are more successful.

Expert know-how about customers and markets is at the heart of any successful strategy.

Everyone agrees that the customer’s perspective is extremely important. But in reality, it is the company’s internal perspective that generally dominates strategic projects.

Strategy development at Technomarketing: corporate strategies and concepts with an uncompromising focus on the customer and the market

Presenting an unaltered picture of the market situation and ensuring that actions are consistently based on first-class information are what really distinguish our work from inward-looking strategic projects. This is why we take a radical approach to strategy development, looking at the inner workings of the company from an external perspective. We also rely upon facts and empirical creativity to make a difference.
Our experience has shown that excellent, in-depth information based on solid empirical findings yields clear, intelligent concepts and helps improve the acceptance of measures within companies.

Guarantee credibility and produce logical actions

Much of the time, concepts and business strategies never leave the paper on which they are written. An unrivalled knowledge basis and factual foundations help generate credibility in companies, leading to a completely natural logic in how employees behave and implement measures.

The company is responsible for strategy, but consultants can provide assistance and support

Fundamentally speaking, strategic decisions are the responsibility of the individual company and cannot be taken by a consultant. At the same time, however, working on strategies and change projects is not generally part of everyday business practice. This is where Technomarketing comes in: we support you in these processes with our experienced, unbiased expertise.

What we contribute:

  • Original empirical information
  • A neutral viewpoint, thinking out of the box
  • Experience and creativity
  • Methodological support and monitoring of strategic development
  • Conceptual transfer to a customer-oriented organisation
  • Mobilising all the strengths within your company to help you achieve market success

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