Evidence-based strategy development: concrete, quantifiable, assessable, profitable

Strategy development: no compromising on the quality of information. Exploiting the possibilities offered by business simulation.

We see marketing concepts and business strategies as an active means of shaping the future and a business investment. This is why we believe that the methods employed in strategy development must contribute to making strategic decisions more transparent, quantifiable and assessable.

We concentrate our efforts on empirically-proven concepts and techniques that help make companies stand out from the competition and produce a clear logic in the actions of companies and their employees.
You are careful when you invest – don’t make any compromises when it comes to strategy development, either!

Draw upon experiences, improve your judgement

Confront the unknown. Interpret weak signals from customers, markets and technologies. Analyse data and facts. To do this, you are going to need experience and sound judgement. Each and every one of our strategy consultants has gained years of practical experience in projects and business. Top talents are good – but top talents are better when experience is involved.

Experimental tests and business simulation: simulate and test concepts instead of conducting costly real-life experiments

At Technomarketing, we specialise in experimenting with concepts and simulating complex market decisions – e.g., pricing decisions and reactions from the market and the competition. These tests are based on our rigorous market research projects, which we combine with our modelling know-how, our experience and our pragmatism.

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